Monday, September 3, 2007


Love can really change a person's thinking and actions.I had tried this and its only recent, It happens to my 2 best friend. They change alot and became -like donno what-...Don't know how to explain. But i hope they can solve this trouble quickly before our friendship goes down or get affected by their love relationship.They have went overboard and even teachers in our class doesnt like it.What about us who always play with them.We feel suffered too.

Sorry for the inactiveness~

Hello again...Sorry for the inactiveness of me posting in my blog.Well , PMR is near and i gotta study so hard and I had so much fun on 30 August 2007.~ It's my first time attending Interact night and went to karaoke for the first time too . Had so much fun and I promise myself that after pmr I will go again ! Ahaha ~

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Sorry for my delays of posts and inactivess in posting posts.Well i have been busy, So i will try to post as fast as possible to keep you guys updated...Sorry though

Friday, August 17, 2007


Great...My friend and i met in YY school and we had so much fun. But ONE friend is like a complete fucktard.She said she wanna go and eat,god knows when we follow her.Her intention is to meet the guy that she like in a particular restaurant.Once she met that guy , she completely forget about us . What kind of friend is this ? If she wanna meet that guy just tell , she dont have to bring us all and leave us alone.This is overboard.zzzzzz.And also saw many gangs of guys and girls who likes to judge people and think themself like so pretty ~.~ . This is seriously making me sick .But some are nice and have no intention on judging people =D

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

December Holies ~!

Cant wait till December 20th~~ going to singapore then Australia ~! Im gonna buy many many things m'kay.In Singapore im gonna meet some of my friends then in Australia im gonna see my new nephew LOL ~ Now im gonna ''study hard'' to get prepare for PMR~

Monday, August 13, 2007

Definition of Playboy ? Flower Hearted?

Well...ONE of my so-called-friend told me that loving a girl for 1 year is not long enough.If i change the girl i like in 1 year meaning that im a playboy...worthless boy.Well the girl that i loved before is going to celebrate her birthday, i just wanna buy one present for her.Then i got accused like a playboy flowerhearted.This is seriously gay